Source Climate Change Coffee, Organic Single Origin Arabica Uganda Coffee Beans 1kg – Ethical Consumer Best Buy


  • 2 x bags of beans in 500g bags to keep your coffee fresher for longer.
  • Organic certified, with its own carbon offsets from reforestation and conservation projects.
  • Our Uganda ‘Mount Elgon Cloud Forest’ is a unique specialty (SCAA) single-origin coffee with a deliciously smooth, medium-dark roast, combining chocolate notes with a toasty aroma to make a round flavored and aromatic cup.
  • This coffee is grown by some 300 organic coffee farmers on the slopes of Mount Elgon. The conservation project provides a safeguard for Mount Elgon National Park and Central Forest – one of the most diverse ecosystems in Africa – which in turn protects hundreds of animal species including forest monkeys and antelope which graze on the mountainside.
  • For every bag of coffee sold, local farmers plant trees to support the forest and their families. All Source coffees are offset using reforestation carbon credits and are 100% traceable to the forest community conservation project.
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Today, the company’s mission is to bring you the finest tasting organic and specialty coffees from around the world, produced by growers committed to reforestation and conservation. Our Nespresso compatible capsules are made from plant-based materials which makes them biodegradable and ideal for industrial composting. Each Source Climate Change Coffee has its own unique character and flavor, determined by the characteristics of the soil and altitude of the cloud forest where it is grown. Taste profiles range from ‘praline nuttiness’ in Mexican coffee, to ‘citrus highlights with caramel sweetness’ in the Rwandan, ‘toasty chocolate’ in the Ugandan, and ‘cocoa nib and molasses’ in our rich, dark roast Tanzanian. Deforestation accounts for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The source is the only conservation-led coffee company buying coffees from reforestation projects in ecological hotspots – the single most effective way to combat climate change is to plant more trees and protect standing forests. The company supports the Lorna Young Foundation to develop radio training programs for smallholder farmers on their crops, yields, markets, weather, and sustainable land management. Farmer Voice Radio cascades training which promotes innovative approaches to farming with the aim of improving communities’ adaptation strategies to climate change. Voted as one of the most ethical coffees in the UK, by Ethical Consumer Magazine in 2018.


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